Roman Camp Castrum and the city of Apulum

After Dacia became a Roman province, Apulum became its capital. It was the largest city in Dacia and the seat of one of the biggest legions....

City: Orsova

Country: Romania


Central Romania, Alba County; 380 kilometres from Bucharest (route E 81), 100 kilometres from Cluj, 241 kilometres from Arad; GPS N 46°04`01.89” E 23°34`20.11”


Municipality of Alba Iulia - Calea Motilor 5a (City Hall)
510118 Alba Iulia, Alba County, Romania
tel. +40 258 819462

Tourism Center Alba Iulia, Strada Mihal Viteazul 15
Poarta IV a, 510018 Alba Iulia, Alba County
Romania, tel. +40 745 081021

National Unification Museum
Strada Mihai Viteazul 12–14, 510010 Alba Iulia, Romania
tel: +40 258 81 33 00 fax: +40 258 81 18 53

Hours: Tue–Sun: Jun–Sep 10.00–19.00, Oct–May 10.00–17.00, Mon: closed

Attraction is opened all year round. The entrance fee is paid through ticket price: adults 1.5€, children 0.75€. Additional ticket for the price of 1.11€ is sold for Castrum Gate.

Infrastructure: Parking, souvenir shop, restaurant, bar, public toilets. Visitor center, billboards, signs, printed brushers, 3D models, theatrical performances, role plays, festivals, concerts

Key characteristics of the attraction:

1. Presence of the emperor Caracalla (212 AD) in Apulum

2. Dates back to beginning of the 2nd century and the second half of the 3rd century AD

3. Principia from the Roman camp of Legio XIII Gemina

4. Porta principalis dextra from roman camp of Legio XIII Gemina

5. Headquarters of the province governor – Praetorium Consularis Daciarum Trium.

6. Liber Pater

7. Nemesis

8. Mithras

9. Legion XIII Gemina

Supporting tourist fascinations:

1. Medieval fortress Alba Iulia (sec.XIV-XVII) and Vauban Type Fortress Alba Carolina


2. Roman -Catolic Cathedral Saint Michael from Alba Iulia and monuments of architecture from Alba Iulia

3. Natural Reserve Râpa Roșie (Sebeș)

4. Golf Club Paul Tomita (Pianu de jos, jud.Alba)

5. Unesco Heritage: Calnic medieval fortress, Capalna dacian fortress, Rimetea village

How to get there:


The closest airports are Cluj Napoca (98 km) and Sibiu (70 km).


There are regular buses coming from Cluj Napoca, Sibiu and Deva.


The site is located in the central part of Alba Iulia, with a local but quality road.


The harbours which offer basic facilities are in Orşova (250 km) and Drobeta Turnu Severin (270 km).


There are no special paths but the traffic is fine on the secondary roads.

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