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The Iron Gates is the area located in the middle of the Danube course, where the river separates the Carpathian Mountains on the Romanian side and the Balkan Mountains on the Serbian side of the…


Upper Austria

Beside the city of Vienna and Lower Austria, Upper Austria is one of three regions on the banks of the Danube in this country.



Castles in Vukovar, Ilok and Tikveš, old town centers and fortress of Osijek and Ilok, museums in Osijek, Vukovar, Vinkovci and Ilok, Vukovar War memorial sights, worldwide important archaeological…

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The Danube Winter Wonderland 2023

Meandering through ten European countries, the Danube links varied cultures of over a hundred million people. Embark on a festive journey along this scenic river—welcome to the Danube’s Winter Wonderland!

The Danube Outdoors 2023

Discover a world of scenic beauty, hiking trails, cycling routes and cultural treasures as you embark on an unforgettable journey along the majestic Danube River

Danube Guides

Association of partners from six European countries and guest and nature tour guides with the goal to protect and promote natural heritage and cultural treasures along the Danube and to preserve the environment

Joy of Danube Outdoors

While festive season is coming in these unusual times, we may wish you Happy Holidays hoping that in 2021 you would have a chance to visit our beautiful Blue Danube and therefore we are presenting you the Joy of Danube Outdoors

Danube Winter Wonderland

While everything becomes red, green, merry and bright let us take you on a journey along this beautiful river – welcome to the Danube Winter Wonderland!